Washington County Election Results

These results are certified and are posted on the web as a convenience to the public.

Any municipalities that are not posted, please contact your local clerk for results.

St George City Council

Travis R. Christians 478(4.47%)
Marianne G. Sorensen 715(6.69%)
Nathan K. Fisher 656(6.13%)
Tara Dunn 1322(12.36%)
Michele Randall 1716(16.04%)
Patricia Kent 761(7.12%)
Jim McCoy 162(1.51%)
Matthew Mortenson 104(0.97%)
Warren S. Wright 237(2.22%)
Greg Whitehead 765(7.15%)
Greg Aldred 840(7.85%)
Joe Bowcutt 1435(13.42%)
Ed Baca 1504(14.06%)

Washington City Mayor

Ronald W. Truman 336(23.88%)
Sherrie Lou Reeder 437(31.06%)
Kenneth Neilson 634(45.06%)

Washington City Council

Thad D. Seegmiller 781(30.05%)
Sara D. Lang 310(11.93%)
Daylene Mary Ure 405(15.58%)
Garth E. Nisson 615(23.66%)
Peato (Pat) L. Ena 72(2.77%)
Bill Hudson 416(16.01%)

These results are preliminary and are posted on the web as a convenience to the public.

This page will automatically refresh every 90 seconds. However, data updates on this page are dependent upon how frequently the voting precinct delivers the data. Since delivery of precinct data is partially a manual process, changes in the data for this page may or may not change with each automatic refresh.