Washington County Clerk's Office

How to Register

  1. Voter registration deadline is 30 calendar days before the election. If a qualified person registers in person at the office of the County Clerk after the voter registration deadline but at least 15 days before the election, that person shall be informed that he/she is registered to vote, but may only vote on election day, and is NOT ELIGIBLE to vote using the early voting system. If registration occurs during the 14 days before the election, the applicant will be told that he will be registered, but will NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE in the upcoming election. 20A-2-201
  2. Late arriving by-mail registration forms that are postmarked at least 30 days before the election and received at least 7 days before the election are to be processed by the County Clerk. 20A-2-202
  3. Qualified persons may register when getting or renewing a driver's license or when they receive service from a public assistance agency. 20A-2-204 and 205