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NEW 2016 Washington County Election Precinct Maps.

The State of Utah has approved the Washington County Proposed Election Precinct changes. If you would like more information about precinct boundary changes please contact Melanie (435-652-5891) from Washington County Clerk Department.

HIGHLIGHTED items designate changes in name, boundary, or new precinct.

Using the maps below, you can locate your precinct. The maps are PDF documents, so you may need the free Adobe Reader  to view the files.

You can use this County Overview Map Adobe PDF to drill down to your location.

Poll Locations

Once you know your precinct number, you can find your poll location here Adobe PDF.

City Maps:

Precinct Maps:

GIS Maps:

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Fees Adobe PDF

State Maps:

State of Utah Elections 

School Board:

School Board Boundary Map Adobe PDF
Washington County School District Board of Education Members