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Operational Budget

PUBLIC NOTICE: In accordance with UCA 20A-4-104, testing of the touch screen voting machine and automatic results tabulating equipment will be held at the Washington County Election Room, 10 N 100 E, St. George, Utah (Google Maps) on Friday, June 5 at 12:00 pm.

The Washington County Clerk and Auditor prepares financial statements, helps manage the county budget process, and reports to the State of Utah. Below are Washington County’s Operational Budgets for public consumption. For further inquiry or clarification, please contact Kim Hafen via email or at 435.634.5712.

Executive Summary

Yearly reports that summarizes key financial data for the Washington County — noted as "Proposed" or "Approved" or "Final". Please refer to the links below.

Detailed Financial Reports

To view and/or download detailed financial reports, please visit the State of Utah’s Public Finance website. Directions are given below. There you can find checks issued, invoice numbers, payment amounts, to whom payment went, what payment was for, etc. These reports are submitted to the state on a quarterly basis.

  1. Visit State of Utah’s Public Finance website
  2. Find the “Get Started” section
  3. Select “Counties” for Level
  4. Select “Washington County” for Entity
  5. Select which financial year under Period
  6. Select which financial category for Type
  7. Click “Start” button
NOTICE: To limit the spread of COVID-19, the Primary Election will be conducted by mail, polling locations may not be available.Click here for information from the Lt. Govenor