Passport Information


Appointments are required for all parties greater than two (2). Please use the links below to schedule an appointment based on your party size.

Click below based on how many passport(s) to be processed:
1-3 Passport(s)
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What do I need to bring?

  • The applicant(s) need to be present when submitting the application. (You can’t have someone else turn it in for you.)
  • Please have the following ready when you arrive:
    1. Passport application COMPLETED in black ink. (The Department of State requires that you include your social security number on the application.
    2. Check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check (REQUIRED) made out to the U.S. Department of State. This fee CAN’T be paid with cash or debit/credit card.
    3. Cash, Check or Debit/Credit Card (we do no accept American Express) for the processing fee, made out to Washington County Clerk.
    4. Original birth certificate (or other proof of citizenship).
    5. Current photo ID.
    6. 2”x2” passport photo.

Can I get a passport photo at your office?

How much does a passport cost?

  • That depends on whether you want a passport book or card, are an adult or minor and if you want your passport sent routine or expedite deliver. Please see the Passport Fees Chart.

What is the difference between a passport book and passport card?

  • A passport book is what people typically think of when they think of a passport. It is good for any kind of travel anywhere in the world.
  • A passport card is about the same size and shape as a driver’s license. It is valid only for travel by land and by sea to the following locations: Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. The passport card in NOT VALID for air travel to any international county.
U.S. Passport Book example
Passport Book
U.S. Passport Card example
Passport Card

Do I need an appointment?

How long will submitting an application take?

  • Processing a single passport application can take up to 30 minutes. If you have 1 or 2 passports to process, without an appointment, please arrive earlier in the day to allow us time to complete the applications.

How long will it take to receive my passport?

  • After we receive your completed passport application, we send it to the Department of State for processing. You can see current Department of State processing time on their website.
  • If you apply for your passport with routine service and need it more quickly, you can contact the National Passport Information Center (NPIC) for assistance at 877-487-2778.
  • If you need your passport sooner than you would if you expedited your application, please contact a Department of State Passport Agency directly to request an appointment with them. You can learn more about that process through these links:

What happens after I turn in my application?

  • See a diagram of the passport process after you turn in your application:
Journey of a Passport Application - / Check your application status online:

What if the passport is for a minor under 16 years old?

  • Both parents are listed on the child’s birth certificate must be present with photo ID. The child must also be present.
  • If a parent’s name does not match the name on the birth certificate, supporting documents will need to be included that explain the name change. Any supporting documents (i.e. divorce decree, death certificate, marriage license, etc.) need to be either the original or a certified copy.
  • If one parent absolutely cannot be present, they can fill out a Statement of Consent to be brought with the parent that can be present. They must also provide a copy of the front and back of the ID of the absent parent.
  • For additional information on parental consent, including what to do if one parent cannot be present, or if one parent has sole custody, please see the U.S. Department of State – Children Under 16 information page.

What if I need to renew, update or change something on my passport?

  • We do not handle the Renewal Applications through our office. You will need to send your renewal application or passport change form directly to the U.S. Department of State. You can learn more about that here:
  • Adult passport expired more than 5 years: You will need to submit a new DS-11 application
  • Renewing a child’s passport: You will need to submit a new DS-11 application.

What do I need if doing a Hand Carry?

  • Letter of Authorization from the Hand Carry Company
  • You must demonstrate 1 of these 2 conditions:
    1. An imminent travel need (less than 14 calendar days.
    2. A need for one or more visas with proof of travel within 4 weeks.
  • Proof of imminent travel can include:
    1. Photocopy of airline tickets.
    2. Travel itinerary or reservation.
    3. Letter from an employer, on company letterhead, indicating urgent business travel or a condition that all employees maintain a valid passport.
    4. A congressional or federal agency referral letter.
  • After a Hand Carry packet has been sealed, the application packet must be delivered to a Regional Passport Agency with seal intact within 5 days.