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Community Fire Planning

Pine Valley FireClick on the link below for information on how you can reduce the risk around your home.

Helpful Home Fire Planning Documents

Mitigation ProofMany communities around Washington County are considered at-risk for wildland fires. These at-risk communities have been encouraged to form homeowner fire councils. Fire councils work with their local fire departments and the Washington County Emergency Services department to keep Community Wildland Protection Plans (CWPP) updated. One important factor in the Community Fire Plan is educating the residents in the community about wildfire risks and how they can reduce or mitigate possible hazards around their own homes. Learning about the dangers of wildfire can help save lives and homes.

For information on your CWPP, please contact your local Fire Authority.

If you are interested in helping your community become more prepared, or have any questions, contact Washington County Emergency Services, Community Fire Planning at 435-634-5734, or Send a Message.