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Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payment Terms and Conditions

I authorize the Washington County Treasurer and/or any third party the County may designate to deduct funds from my credit card account to pay Washington County property taxes and associated fees (if applicable) for the parcel(s) I select. I understand that post-dated payments are not accepted and that payment information may be submitted to my bank at any time. I understand that once I submit my payment information to the web site it will not be possible for the Treasurer’s Office or its bank to stop the transmission of payment information to my bank.

I understand that payments are considered to be made at the time the transaction is confirmed by this Web site and a confirmation number is issued. The confirmation page and email generated when I submit my payment will show the date and time the payment was received by Washington County. This will be the official date and time of payment, and in the event that a submission occurs before the payment deadline but the confirmation occurs after the deadline, the payment will be considered late, including cases of equipment failure or transmission difficulties due to heavy traffic.

I will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the account information I provide. I understand that any errors or omissions from my payment information may result in a delay that could cause my taxes to become delinquent and for amounts already delinquent to incur additional interest and fees as provided by law. In the event my payment is rejected I may not receive notice of this prior to the deadline for timely payment. Just as is the case with “paper” payments, I understand that in the event my payment is rejected for any reason (including but not limited to incorrect or incomplete account and bank information, insufficient funds, or account closure) I will not be allowed any additional time to make other payment arrangements without incurring penalties, interest and fees as provided by law.

Washington County property taxes must be paid or postmarked on or before the deadline for timely payment shown on the tax notice. Online payments submitted after midnight local time (Mountain Standard Time) will result in penalties, interest and fees as provided by law. Payment is effective only upon receipt (credit of funds by your bank). Payments of less than the full amount due including penalty will be applied in accordance with UTAH CODE ANN. 59-2-1346(2), first paying the interest and administrative costs (if any), next penalty, and finally applying any remaining funds to the tax for the latest year of delinquency, if applicable. Whether my taxes are paid timely or delinquent, I understand that I have the right under UTAH CODE ANN. 59-2-1327 to mark my payment “Paid Under Protest” to preserve my right to challenge the legality of the tax.

By clicking on any link below, I agree to the terms above and want to pay with my Credit Card

Quick One Time
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Auto Bill Pay (Pre-payments of property tax)

Auto Pay allows you to setup 10 automatic payments from February to November each year. Your prior year tax amount will be divided into 10 equal payments. The tenth payment (November payment) will be automatically adjusted to the balance owning on your current year taxes. This adjustment provides for increases or decreases in your taxes. This is for pre-payments of tax only.


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