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Energy Taskforce

Washington County Energy Taskforce

Under the direction of Washington County Commissioner Alan Gardner, an energy taskforce has been convened. The group, whose membership includes elected and appointed representatives from local government as well as area and regional power providers, was asked to study and make recommendations dealing with a wide variety of energy related issues. The group has focused primarily on issues dealing primarily with electrical power demand, conservation, renewable energy options, global warming, and the potential impact of a proposed carbon tax on Washington County’s rate payers. In all five PowerPoint presentations have been prepared by the committee and presented in open meetings of the Washington County Commission. They are: An Energy Overview by Dean Cox, Energy Efficiency and Conservation by Rene Fleming, Renewable Energy Options by Rene Fleming, Our Atmosphere and Climate Change by Colin Jack, and the Potential Impact of Carbon Taxes on Southern Utah Rate Payers by Curt Winterfeld.

Presentation number one, An Overview of Energy by Dean Cox
Presentation number two, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, by Rene Fleming
Presentation to the Washington County Commission by Rene Flemming on renewable energy. Presented August 5th, 2008.
Presentation to the Washington County Commission by Collin Jack on global warming. Presented September 2nd, 2008.