Data Request

GIS Data Subscriptions


$500 initial subscription fee
$100 every update thereafter

Please Note: The parcel data includes only basic information such as the Tax ID and address. More detailed information, such as Owner Name, Mailing Address, etc., is maintained independently and is available from our IT Services Department as a separate purchase. Please see the "Public Extract/Assessment Roll". The Public Extract table can be joined to the GIS parcel data to provide this detailed information.


$100 initial subscription fee
$100 every update thereafter


Payment via Cash, Check or Credit Card†.
Please note that Credit Card payments will incur a small transaction fee.

Aerial Imagery

We cannot provide our imagery in digital form because of licensing restrictions. You can connect to our imagery on the web using the following URL in your GIS or CAD software.

Other GIS Data

We can provide access to a number of other GIS datasets. Depending on the data requested, an hourly fee may be charged for extraction and delivery. Please contact us for more information.

Most GIS data can be obtained free through Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC), which is the main GIS data repository for the State of Utah.