Washington County of Utah

Happy 170th Birthday Washington County!

On March 3rd, we celebrated Washington County’s 170th birthday. We have an incredible appreciation for our beautiful home as well as the residents that make it the amazing place it is. In honor of 170 years, the Washington County Commission held a small celebration where they served birthday cake to some of the people that truly make Washington County special — our county employees. Here are some fun facts about our county that you may not know:

  • Washington County was named after George Washington himself in 1852.
  • At this time, the county seat was Harmony which was settled by 15 men and their families that same year.
  • The county boundaries extended 600 miles wide including present-day Utah and Nevada.
  • When our county was settled, the Utah Governor was Brigham Young and the United States President was Millard Fillmore.
  • There were no county elected officials until 1856. At this time, the US population was 23,191,876.

Now let’s fast forward to Washington County in the year 2022.

  • Today, we have the 5th most populous county in the state of Utah with a population near 195,523. In addition to that, our average population age stands at 37.1. The median household income for our county is currently at $71,904 and growing.
  • The county seat has now changed from Harmony to St. George.
  • Our current county elected officials are:
    • Assessor: Tom Durrant
    • Attorney: Eric Clarke
    • Clerk/Auditor: Ryan Sullivan
    • Commissioners: Victor Iverson, Adam Snow, Gil Almquist
    • Recorder: Gary Christensen
    • Sheriff: Nate Brooksby
    • Treasurer: David Whitehead
  • Thank you to all of our wonderful county residents who make Washington County such a wonderful place to live, we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come!