Voting Changes in Hildale, LaVerkin and Toquerville

The Washington County Clerk’s office has made a change in how registered voters in Hildale, LaVerkin and Toquerville will vote in the upcoming 2018 election year and for all successive county elections. These communities will now be voting By Mail.

(This decision by the county will not change Hildale, La Verkin and Toquerville cities ability to administer their municipal elections as they see fit.)

By Mail voters will be receiving their ballots 2 to 3 weeks before each Election Day. Active registered voters in these communities do not need to request a ballot to be mailed to them, one will be mailed to their residential or mailing address automatically.

NOTE: The Post Office cannot “Forward” ballots. In the event that a resident will be traveling or will be away from their residence, the registered voter can go to and fill out an absentee ballot request. By filling out this absentee ballot request the resident will be able to tell us where to mail their ballot for each individual election.

To ensure that voters get their ballot quickly, if you have moved or have had a mailing address change, please go to and re-register to vote with your current residential and or mailing address.

If you are a registered voter in Hildale, La Verkin or Toquerville, you will no longer have a poll location in your city. If you need help or you would like to drop your voted ballot off in person, the Hurricane Community Center located at 63 S 100 W, Hurricane (Google Maps) will be available to assist you on Election Day from 7am to 8pm.

*Any registered voter in Washington County who is not living in a By Mail precinct, can obtain an Absentee Ballot by filling out an Absentee Ballot Requests form at