Gil Almquist speaks at the Town Hall

Town Hall Discussion Proves to be Valuable and Collaborative

We had an incredible turn out at Wednesday nights Town Hall event at the Washington City Library. We want to sincerely thank those residents who were part of the discussion. For those who were unable to attend, several key topics related to the county were expanded upon. One of which was water solutions and reuse systems.

Water is a precious resource in our county and the commissioners keep this issue a constant topic of solution-oriented conversation. Washington County’s story over the last 170 years is the story of adaptation to water scarcity. Early pioneers in our community worked together to create dams and water systems that would feed our desert landscape. Today, we are modernizing, improving, and becoming an innovative leader in water conservation, water reuse systems, and paving the way for new water sources for our community. Water reuse systems are active today and proving effective in making up for any current deficit while we continue to develop plans for the Lake Powell Pipeline.

Elections were another topic discussed in depth. The Washington County Clerk/Auditors Office is absolutely committed to the county-wide integrity and transparency in their elections process. Our ballot collections take place only at scheduled times and are always accompanied by an additional elections staff member. Each paper ballot is heavily scrutinized for the purpose of ensuring there are no duplicates and every single vote is a Washington County citizen with a verified signature on file.

An additional topic discussed was that of our library system. Library’s in our county are expanding their resources with events, programs, digital/online reading sources and much more. We want the future of our library’s to optimally serve the resident’s of our county for generations to come. We informed our attendees of a county-wide survey we will be sending out to get the public’s feedback. This will be an opportunity for citizens to have a voice in what may be to come for Washington County’s library system.

Again, we thank all participants that attended our Town Hall meeting. It is events like this that pave the way for clarification, transparency, and collaborative community progress. You can count on your county commissioners to hear your voice. We encourage all of our residents to join us for the return of our next Town Hall event, date and time will be announced soon!