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Public Scoping Comment Period for I-15 Widening from Exit 6 to Exit 8 & Exit 7

I-15; Widening from Exit 6 to Exit 8 & Exit 7
We want your input! The 30-day public scoping comment period for UDOT‘s Environmental Assessment to evaluate a potential new interchange at I-15 and 700 South is open now through May 17!

Public input is one of the considerations UDOT takes into account during the decision-making process. Let our study team know what transportation, environmental, and community issues we should consider as part of the study.

  • Submit a comment at our In-Person Public Scoping Meeting on May 4 from 4-6 p.m. at Atwood Innovation Plaza at DSU (453 South 600 East in St. George)
  • Submit a comment on the study website:
  • Send an email to
  • Mail a comment to:
I-15 Study Team
6605 S. Redwood Road, #200,
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

Visit for more information about the study and details about the public scoping meetings on May 3 (online) and May 4 (in-person).

Dixie Convention Center

RFP for Replacement of the Cooling Tower At the Dixie Convention Center

Request For Proposal for:
Replacement of the Cooling Tower
at the Dixie Convention Center

Washington County Convention & Tourism Office is requesting proposals replacement of the cooling tower at the Dixie Convention Center.

Proposals must include the removal and discarding of the old cooling tower, a suitable replacement for the old cooling tower, and the installation of the new cooling tower, with all the pipes, joints, elbows, connectors, etc., needed to connect the new cooling tower to the existing HVAC Chillers inlet and returns and water hookups. Must include freight charges, any factory authorized start-up services, and a timeline during which the work will be completed.

RFP for Replacement of the Cooling Tower
at the Dixie Convention Center

Proposals will be accepted until April 1st, 2022. Proposals may be submitted by email:
Attn: Milo Hughes
Subject: "DCC Cooling Tower Replacement"
Dixie Convention Center
1835 Convention Center Drive
St. George, UT 84790
(Google Maps)
(435) 628-7003

Proposals may be submitted by mail or email. Proposals must be marked or the email subject line must read “DCC Cooling Tower Replacement”. They are due in the Dixie Center Administration office by April 1st, 2022.

Direct any questions using the contact information above either by phone or email.

Publish on: March 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20, 2022

Washington County of Utah

Receiving Center Set to Bridge Gap in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Crises Resources

Washington County officials, the Utah Legislature, and Governor Spencer Cox continue to support law enforcement, families, and individuals. To that end, they are holding a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, March 18th from 12:15 to 12:45 pm at 5500 W. (Regional Park Road) in Hurricane, Utah (Google Maps) for a Receiving Center that will bridge current gaps in responding to the mental health and substance abuse crises.

Law enforcement officers face unique challenges when responding to incidents involving individuals suffering from drug addiction and mental or emotional instability. Many families and individuals in our community have similarly been confronted with these types of emergencies, sometimes with devastating outcomes. The Utah Legislature began funding receiving centers a couple of years ago, and Washington County officials have been eager to have a Receiving Center in our area. A generous $50,000 donation from Intermountain Health Care helped make obtaining one possible.

The Washington County Receiving Center will be a short-term, crisis-care facility for individuals dealing with mental health or substance abuse crises. When appropriate, law enforcement officers will take people to the center instead of jail or the St. George Regional Hospital. Additionally, the Receiving Center will provide walk-in services for individuals or families in crisis.

“So many of our families find themselves dealing with mental health or addiction issues at some point in time,” Commissioner Victor Iverson said. “This Receiving Center will be a valuable resource for families and individuals in crisis. It will also strengthen our law enforcement’s ability to respond to difficult situations with increased effectiveness and bring hope to neighbors and friends who find themselves in hopeless situations.”

The Receiving Center will be centrally located in the county, just off SR-9 near Legacy Park. It will be a short-term, stabilizing facility designed to respond to emergency situations. Professional staff from the Southwest Behavioral Health Center will be on hand to monitor individuals and to help develop plans so that after the immediate crisis is over, individuals will be connected with other community resources that provide a long-term solution.

“This center will be a safe place to stabilize people in immediate need, while long-term, personalized solutions are found,” Commissioner Iverson emphasized. “Washington County is proud to be building this center with our city, state, law enforcement, and mental health partners. We appreciate their support and collaboration as we all seek to find answers to these very complex problems.”

The Washington County Commissioners will join with Governor Spencer Cox, members of the Utah State Senate and House of Representatives, County Sheriff Nate Brooksby, County Attorney Eric Clarke, representatives from Southwest Behavioral Health Center and Intermountain Healthcare, as well as other key stakeholders for the groundbreaking. Members of the public are also invited to attend.

Vote by Mail, Register Online by June 19,

Elections Announcement – Deadline for Party Affiliation

Deadline for Party Affiliation

Per Utah state law, the deadline for voters to update their party affiliation is March 31st for the 2022 Primary Election.

Partisan Primary elections are when individual political parties select the candidate that will represent their party in the November General Election. Each political party in Utah decides whether they will have an “open” primary election (open to all registered voters regardless of which party they are affiliated with) or a “closed” primary election (closed to any voter not registered with that specific party).

The following political parties will have an OPEN primary: Democratic Party, Independent American Party and the United Utah Party. Any registered voter may request to receive an OPEN primary ballot.

The following political parties will have a CLOSED primary: Constitution Party, Libertarian Party and the Republican Party. Voters must be affiliated with the CLOSED primary party to be able to receive a ballot.

If you are already affiliated with a political party that is having a primary election, you will be mailed that party’s ballot, unless you have selected another political party choice.

Not every registered voter will receive a ballot because some political parties will not need to have a Primary Election.

Additionally, if you are an UNAFFILIATED voter, a ballot will not be mailed to you. However, if you would like to participate in a primary election, you still have some options including requesting a ballot for an open primary or affiliating with one of the closed primary parties.

If you would like a ballot for an OPEN primary party, please update your ballot preference by going to or contacting the County Clerk’s office at or call (435) 301-7248.

If you would like a ballot for a CLOSED primary party, you will need to affiliate with that political party no later than March 31st. Your party affiliation can be updated by going to or in person at the county clerk’s office.

Voters may only vote in ONE primary per election cycle. We encourage everyone to double check their voter registration information to ensure their political party affiliation is correct.

Some county services (i.e., Assessor Record Search, Property Watch, Recorder Map) are experiencing technical issues. Please be patient with us while we resolve them.